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Honor® Show Full Range™ feed is designed to help promote feed intake, bloom and fill in cattle fed for show.  Full Range™ feed can be fed throughout the entire feeding period to young calves being prepped for sale as well as steers and heifers being fed for exhibition. It's never too early to start thinking Winner's Circle. Honor® Show Full Range™ feed gives you the flexibility you need from start to finish to succeed in the ring.

Features & Benefits

A Uniquely-formulated versatile ration
  • Offers flexibility from start to finish in your feeding program
  • With grass hay, can be fed as a complete ration to grow and develop show cattle
  • Can be blended with grain to achieve the desired rate of gain while maintaining a well-balanced ration

A uniquely formulated fungal enzyme ingredient containing both Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus niger. Fungal enzymes help in the digestibility of fibrous feedstuffs, thereby helping support growth performance

Flexible use with High Octane® Supplements

Designed to be used with High Octane® Supplements to help add body condition or improve growth rate use High Octane® Power Fuel®, to help support muscling use High Octane® Champion Drive™, to help support muscling and leanness use High Octane® Fitter 35®, or to help gain a fuller appearance use High Octane® Depth Charge®

Includes Availa®
  • Balanced combination ofzinc, manganese, copper and cobalt
  • Provides critical highly-available minerals that helps support immune response which is critical for healthy traveling show cattle
  • Helps maximize muscle development allowing cattle to reach their full potential
Includes Diamond V®
  • A true, fully fermented yeast culture developed specifically for optimum animal nutrition
  • Research proven, Diamond V® has a unique ability to support ration digestibility, palatability and intake by delivering a rich, all-natural nutrient source to the animal’s digestive bacteria
Includes Tasco®

Research has shown that TASCO® helps lower body tempera- ture during heat stress - keeping animals on feed

Proprietary blend of ingredients

Helps improve palatability


Feed it with total confidence - backed by Purina Animal Nutrition

Steam Flaked Corn*

High-energy (calories) formula to help produce early bloom

*Regional variations may apply

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