High Octane Golden Ticket Supplement 40lbs


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Purina® High Octane® Golden Ticket™ is an extremely palatable, calorie dense supplement for all show livestock species. This nutrient packed supplement delivers the nutrition you demand to prepare your animals for the show ring. Purina® High Octane® Golden Ticket™ helps propel you into the purple circle by supplying high quality caloric and protein sources.

Purina® High Octane® Golden Ticket™ is well fortified with minerals and vitamins and contains feed additives that make this supplement a truly cutting edge product.  

Features & Benefits

High calorie formula

Calorie dense to support bloom and growth

Ultra high quality protein sources

Very digestible, optimizes muscle synthesis and shape

Contains Tasco®

Supports feed intake and performance during periods of stress

Ground flaxseed

Source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids


Proprietary live yeast

Zinpro™ zinc methionine 

Organic yeast important for immune function, supports hoof health


Proprietary plant extract, supports feed intake and palatability


Proprietary source of two fungal enzymes: Aspergillus oryzae and Aspergillus niger

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