High Octane Fly Control Supplement with Clarifly 25lbs


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Purina® High Octane® Fly Control Supplement with ClariFly® for cattle, sheep, goats and pigs works as a feed-through supplement, passing through the animal’s digestive system and into the manure, where flies lay their eggs. ClariFly® prevents flies from developing in and emerging from the manure – ultimately, interrupting the flies’ life cycle. 

High Octane® Fly Control Supplement with ClariFly® reduces irritation by flies in animal housing areas, at a lower cost than alternative fly control options. High Octane® Fly Control Supplement with ClariFly® was designed to limit stress in animals, which can potentially affect growth and production.

Features & Benefits

Multi-Species Supplement 

Effective fly control for cattle, sheep, goat, and pigs

Stop Flies Before They Start

Pass through feed technology stops flies before they get out of control

Low Feeding Rate 

Low daily feed rate needed to control your flies


Control your flies for less than alternative fly control options

Safely Control Flies

Safe ingredients; backed by proven technology to provide fly control year after year

Reduces Irritation

Develops a more comfortable environment for you and your animals to help them achieve greatness

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