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Help your horse recover from those big events faster and better and get your horse back to drinking fast! Formulated for rapid absorption (starts in two minutes), Electrocharge™ replaces electrolytes in the same proportion as your horse loses in sweat. Electrolyte salts and minerals are important for healthy hydration, muscle function and the nervous system. This 2-dose syringe is ideal for racing, barrel racers, endurance, three-day eventing and other heavy training disciplines.

ELECTROCHARGE™ has the following benefits for your horse:

  • Electrocharge™ is a rapid absorption oral paste blend of electrolytes and trace mineral salts that help promote healthy hydration in your horse. All of this in a convenient 2-dose syringe
  • Electrocharge™ replaces electrolytes in the same proportion as the horse loses in sweat

Put some charge in your barn!


Calcium min 0.22% 101mg
Calcium max 0.24% 110mg
Salt min 26.1% 12,060mg
Salt max 27.7% 5040mg
Potassium min 2.9% 1340mg
Magnesium min 0.12% 55mg
Manganese min 0.012% 5.5mg
Zinc min 23.4ppm 1076 mcg
Copper min 6.15ppm 282 mcg
Cobalt min 0.10ppm 4.6 mcg

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