Electric Fence Charger EA5M-FS (10 acre/5 mile)


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Need to contain your pets or keep unwanted animals out of your lawn or garden with an electric fence charger? The Fi-Shock 5-Mile AC Low Impedance Energizer is ideal for powering electric fences at home or on the farm. When connected to an AC power source, the Fi-Shock electric fence charger has a five mile range in ideal conditions. A weatherproof outer casing protects the unit's inner circuitry from damage; however, because its connectors are exposed, installing the EA5M-FS in a sheltered place is recommended. A one year warranty covers any manufacturing defects as well as damage due to lightning.
  • Electrifies up to five miles of fencing in ideal conditions
  • Produces a pulsating, low impedance electrical current output rated to 0.1 Joules
  • Connects to a standard electrical outlet with a voltage of 110-120 VAC, 60 Hz 1VA
  • 6,000 V (unloaded) output voltage
  • Features a durable extension power cord for installation in remote locations
  • Protects against damage to internal components with weather-resistant housing
  • One year limited warranty

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