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Easy Rider™ is recommended as an aid in promoting relaxation and mental alertness without drowsiness. The Angel Herb blend was carefully designed to encourage a more gentle and agreeable disposition in mares, geldings and stallions. Ingredients such as raspberry leaf and ashwagandha help promote a calm behavior, allowing owners and riders to enjoy their time with their horses more!

  • Formulated for “crankier” horses. Shown to be effective for “witchy” mares that may show attitude changes due to heat cycle or overall personality.
  • Shown effectiveness for geldings as well, not just for mares.
  • Results seen in as few as 8-10 days.
  • Palatable liquid, herbal with a maple flavor.

Active ingredients:

Angel Herb*…………..3300 mg

*Angel Herb Blend is a proprietary blend of Raspberry leaf extract, Ashwagandha, Angelica sinensis, Thiamine Mononitrate (Vitamin B1), Ginger root, Passionflower extract, and Schizandra Berry.

Inactive ingredients:

Artificial maple flavor, Purified water, Citric acid,  Potassium sorbate and Xanthan gum

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