Crystal Plex Algae Control 1gal

Crystal Blue

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Use Crystal Plex ® algae control to treat algae mates and other select floating plants in your pond, lake, canal and more. As with any other pesticide or algaecide, follow label directions for application rates and procedures. The active ingredient in the Crystal Plex ® algae control is liquid copper sulfate pentahydrate. This chemical contains free copper that inhibits photo synthesis in the algae. Use as directed.


  • Crystal Blue ® Copper Sulfate Smart Crystals
  • Algaecide
  • Active ingredient: Copper sulfate pentahydrate (CAS # 7758-99-8) - 19.8 %
  • Other ingredients: 80.2 %
  • Copper as metallic: not less than 5.04 %
  • See package details for application rates and precautions
  • Use only as directed
  • Do not use in residential ornamental fish ponds or other artificial water body systems that contain koi, trout or goldfish
  • Can be used to treat a broad range of algae including chara, spirogyra, cladophora, ulothris and oscillatoria.
  • Crystal Plex ® will also treat rooted and floating aquatic plants like hydrilla, and water hyacinth
  • Follow all local, state and federal laws regarding the use of herbicides
  • Use as directed to avoid oxygen depletion

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