Agricultural Fence Post

Robbins Manufacturing Co.

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Strong • Long-lasting • Economical
Wolmanized® Heavy Duty™ Wood by Robbins fills the need for a more durable wood that combats the insect exposure and deterioration that occurs in pole barns, storage and utility sheds, fences, and other agricultural applications.

Wolmanized wood also:

  • Resists fungal decay in stables, greenhouses and laying parlors.
  • Helps withstand rot problems due to moisture often found in milk plants, cold storage warehouses, fruit storage buildings and tobacco storage buildings.
  • Offers a low maintenance choice in buildings storing corrosive agricultural chemicals.
  • Plus, fence posts made from Wolmanized® Heavy Duty™ Wood come with a 30-year warranty.

Although CCA-treated wood cannot be used for non-industrial applications, trusted Wolmanized® Heavy Duty™ Wood is still permitted and preferred for poles, piles, and posts used as structural members on farms (AWPA Standard C16), as well as for plywood (AWPA Standard C2), and glue-laminated timbers (AWPA Standard C28).



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