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Boxer 26

Boxer 26

  • Manufacturer: Royal Canin

Dog Food for Boxers over 15 months old.

Boxers are highly energetic and lead active lifestyles. Some Boxers experience cardiac problems, which can be detected and treated by veterinarians. Royal Canin can help your Boxer get the most out of a healthy diet.

Muscle Tone
Boxer 26™ has optimized protein and fat levels, and L-carnitine to help burn fat and maintain lean muscle mass in this energetic breed.

Immune System
To support the active Boxer, we include mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) to help stimulate production of antibodies.

Heart Health
Boxer 26™ has a unique antioxidant and vitamin complex that works together to help diminish the Boxer’s natural risk of cardiac disease.

Unique Jaw
The texture, density and size of our kibble is engineered to fit the Boxer’s unique facial characteristics, leading to slower ingestion and increased digestibility.