Everything You Need to Know About Horse Blankets

There are many different types and purposes for horse owners to use horse blankets for their horse. You can’t just use any old blanket as many traditional blankets won’t fit or suit the purpose. Horse blankets come in different sizes, colors, and are made out of variety of materials. This leaves you with the question, what kind of blanket does my horse need? Follow this article to discover everything you need to know about horse blankets.

Now that fall is in full swing, the colder months lie not too far behind. All horse owners should be getting ready to bring out their old blankets and shop for new ones if you have more horses in the stable. Depending on where you are and the temperature outside, you should look to blanket your horse in the late fall, early winter. A better benchmark to go by is if its 40 degrees or lower outside during the whole day, you should blanket your horse. This can also vary by horse as some species are known to have thicker skin than others. If your horse is anything like me, I would start wearing the blanket when the temperature is around 50 degrees. Keep in mind cold weather and seasonal changes are not the only time you should blanket your horse. Other factors that can lead to you using a blanket for your horse may include, health issues, if the horse has only ridden indoor, and if the horse has been transported from a warmer climate to a colder one.       

Once you understand when and why you should blanket your horse, take some time to learn about the most popular types of blankets out there a horse owner can buy. The first blanket is the Turnout blanket. Turnout blankets are designed for both protection from wet and cold elements. These are durable and leave room for a lot flexibility depending on the weather and the condition of your horse. Most Turnout blankets are made of nylon or a combination of different fabrics. Turnout blankets also come with different fill weight options so you can customize the level of warmth the blanket will provide for your horse. Be sure to pick the right gram count for your horse as you don’t want to go too light or too heavy. The second type of blanket is the stable blanket. Stables blankets are traditionally used while the horse is inside the barn or being transported. These blankets are not waterproof and often made of thick, quilted material. Some Stable blanket designs are water resistant, but cannot withstand the rain. Just like the Turnout blanket, the Stable design comes with different fill weights. Its main purpose is to keep your horse warm and dry whiles it’s in the stall or trailer. Therefore, it lacks the flexibility that the Turnout blanket will provide your horse. Other types of blankets include Rain Sheets, Anti-Sweat blankets, Coolers, and Dress blankets. All of these blankets serve different purposes and can help keep your horse healthy and happy.

Whether you’re just starting out or you have a lot of experience with owning horses, don’t let finding the right blanket trouble you. Use this article as a guide to learn, explore, and find out everything you need to know about finding the right horse blanket for your horse. 

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